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Having spent a significant amount of time in some of the best national parks of Thailand, I’m fortunate to have seen a long list of species.
Reptiles & mammals are my primary goals when visiting the Thai jungles, but I do enjoy the more colorful bird species as well to fill up the time between the mammal and herpetofauna sightings 😉 .

Dhole in Khao Yai

Dhole, Cuon alpinus feeding on Sambar Deer carcass in Khao Yai national park, Thailand.

Without a doubt, the highlight of it all is the Mainland Clouded Leopard; the most beautiful cat in the world I dare to say.
Also one of the most elusive species around. Still, I have been extremely fortunate to see this species more than once. The very first encounter being the most unforgettable.
A female with two large cubs crossed the road while we were on a night drive in Khao Yai national park. The two cubs slowly followed their mother into the jungle, but showed little fear and looked us straight in the eyes.
As usual with these exceptional sightings I did not have my camera with me. Actually, I had a pocket camera on me, but as the name says, it was in my pocket. Being stunned by the appearance of these magnificent creatures, it took 5 minutes after the sighting before I realized that I had this little camera with me…
Apart from one fleeting sighting of one running across the road in Khao Yai in the late afternoon, I only had one other ‘reasonable’ chance to photograph this species. In April 2015. But my torch was running out of battery power and couldn’t offer enough light for my camera to lock focus on the cat in the distance. Again I returned home without photographic evidence.
One day I will get a shot!

Enough about this, time for the list.





    Pangolins – Manidae

  1. Sunda Pangolin, Manis javanica


    Gymnures – Erinaceidae

  3. Moonrat, Echinosorex gymnura
  4. Short-tailed Gymnure, Hylomys suillus

    Moles – Talpidae

    No species seen or no species identified to species level


    Shrews – Soricidae

  6. Himalayan Water Shrew, Chimarrogale himalayica


    Feather-tailed Treeshrews – Ptilocercidae

    No species seen or no species identified to species level


    Treeshrews – Tupaiidae

  8. Northern Treeshrew, Tupaia belangeri
  9. Common Treeshrew, Tupaia glis


    Colugos – Cynocephalidae

  11. Sunda Flying Lemur, Galeopterus variegatus


    Fruit Bats – Pteropodidae

  13. Malayan Spotted-winged Fruit Bat, Balionycteris seimundi
  14. Sunda Short-nosed Fruit Bat, Cynopterus cf. brachyotis
  15. Ratanaworabhan’s Fruit Bat, Megaerops niphanae
  16. Island Flying Fox, Pteropus hypomelanus
  17. Large Flying Fox, Pteropus vampyrus
  18. Lyle’s Flying Fox, Pteropus lylei

    Mouse-tailed Bats – Rhinopomatidae

    No species seen or no species identified to species level


    Sheath-tailed & Tomb Bats – Emballonuridae

  20. Lesser Sheath-tailed Bat, Emballonura monticola
  21. Black-bearded Tomb Bat, Taphozous melanopogon

    Hog-nosed Bats – Craseonycteridae

  23. Kitti’s Hog-nosed Bat, Craseonycteris thonglongyai

    Hollow-faced Bats – Nycteridae

    No species seen or no species identified to species level


    False-vampires – Megadermatidae

  25. Lesser False Vampire Bat, Megaderma spasma

    Horseshoe Bats – Rhinolophidae

  27. Croslet Horseshoe Bat, Rhinolophus coelophyllus
  28. Great Woolly Horseshoe Bat, Rhinolophus luctus
  29. Shamel’s Horseshoe Bat, Rhinolophus shameli
  30. Thai Horseshoe Bat, Rhinolophus thailandensis

    Roundleaf Bats – Hipposideridae

  32. Great Roundleaf Bat, Hipposideros armiger
  33. Intermediate Roundleaf Bat, Hipposideros larvatus
  34. Large-eared Roundleaf Bat, Hipposideros pomona

    Common Bats – Vespertilionidae

  36. Painted Bat, Kerivoula picta

    Free-tailed Bats – Molossidae

  38. Asian Wrinkle-lipped Bat, Chaerephon plicatus


    Slow Loris – Lorisidae

  40. Bengal Slow Loris, Nycticebus bengalensis
  41. Sunda Slow Loris, Nycticebus coucang

    Monkeys – Cercopithecidae

  43. Stump-tailed Macaque, Macaca arctoides
  44. Assamese Macaque, Macaca assamensis
  45. Crab-eating Macaque (Long-tailed Macaque), Macaca fascicularis
  46. Northern Pig-tail Macaque, Macaca leonina
  47. Southern Pig-tail Macaque, Macaca nemestrina
  48. Banded Langur, Presbytis femoralis
  49. White-thighed Langur, Presbytis siamensis
  50. Indochinese Grey Langur, Trachypithecus crepusculus
  51. Dusky Langur, Trachypithecus obscurus

    Gibbons – Hylobatidae

  53. Agile Gibbon, Hylobates agilis
  54. White-handed Gibbon, Hylobates lar
  55. Pileated Gibbon, Hylobates pileatus
  56. Note: Have seen Pileated x White-handed Gibbon hybrids (Khao Yai)



    Dogs – Canidae

  57. Golden Jackal, Canis aureus
  58. Dhole (Asian Wild Dog), Cuon alpinus

    Bears – Ursidae

  60. Malayan Sun Bear, Helarctos malayanus
  61. Asian Black Bear, Ursus thibetanus

    Mustelids – Mustelidae

  63. Hog Badger, Arctonyx collaris
  64. Smooth-coated Otter, Lutrogale perspicillata
  65. Yellow-throated Marten, Martes flavigula

    Civets – Viverridae

  67. Binturong, Arctictis binturong
  68. Small-toothed Palm Civet, Arctogalidia trivirgata
  69. Banded Civet, Hemigalus derbyanus
  70. Masked Palm Civet, Paguma larvata
  71. Asian Palm Civet, Paradoxurus hermaphroditus
  72. Large Indian Civet, Viverra zibetha
  73. Small Indian Civet, Viverricula indica

    Linsangs – Prionodontidae

  75. Banded Linsang, Prionodon linsang

    Mongooses – Herpestidae

  77. Small Asian Mongoose, Herpestes javanicus
  78. Crab-eating Mongoose, Herpestes urva

    Cats – Felidae

  80. Clouded Leopard, Neofelis nebulosa
  81. Indochinese Leopard (both spotted and black phase), Panthera pardus delacouri
  82. Marbled Cat, Pardofelis marmorata
  83. Leopard Cat, Prionailurus bengalensis
  84. Fishing Cat, Prionailurus viverrinus


    Elephants – Elephantidae

  86. Asian Elephant, Elephas maximus


    Tapirs – Tapiridae

  88. Asian Tapir, Tapirus indicus

    Rhinoceroses – Rhinocerotidae

    No species seen or no species identified to species level



    Pigs – Suidae

  90. Wild Boar, Sus scrofa

    Mousedeer – Tragulidae

  92. Lesser Mousedeer, Tragulus kanchil
  93. Greater Mousedeer, Tragulus napu

    Deer – Cervidae

  95. Hog Deer, Axis porcinus (Re-introduced)
  96. Fea’s Muntjac (Tenasserim Muntjac), Muntiacus feae
  97. Indian Muntjac, Muntiacus muntjak
  98. Eld’s Deer, Rucervus eldii (Re-introduced)
  99. Sambar Deer, Rusa unicolor

    Cattle & Goats – Bovidae

  101. Gaur, Bos frontalis
  102. Banteng, Bos javanicus
  103. Indochinese Serow, Capricornis milneedwardsi
  104. Southern Serow, Capricornis sumatraensis
  105. Chinese Goral, Naemorhedus griseus


    Squirrels – Sciuridae

  107. Grey-bellied Squirrel, Callosciurus caniceps
  108. Pallas’s Squirrel, Callosciurus erythraeus
  109. Finlayson’s Squirrel, Callosciurus finlaysonii
  110. Sunda Black-banded Squirrel, Callosciurus nigrovittatus
  111. Plantain Squirrel, Callosciurus notatus
  112. Asian Red-cheeked Squirrel, Dremomys rufigenis
  113. Phayre’s Flying Squirrel, Hylopetes phayrei
  114. Red-cheeked Flying Squirrel, Hylopetes spadiceus
  115. Three-striped Ground Squirrel, Lariscus insignis
  116. Indochinese Ground Squirrel, Menetes berdmorei
  117. Lesser Giant Flying Squirrel, Petaurista elegans
  118. Red Giant Flying Squirrel, Petaurista petaurista
  119. Indian Giant Flying Squirrel, Petaurista phillippensis
  120. Temminck’s Flying Squirrel, Petinomys setosus
  121. Cream-coloured Giant Squirrel, Ratufa affinis
  122. Black Giant Squirrel, Ratufa bicolor
  123. Low’s Squirrel, Sundasciurus lowii
  124. Slender Squirrel, Sundasciurus tenuis
  125. Western Striped Squirrel, Tamiops mcclellandii
  126. Cambodian Striped Squirrel, Tamiops rodolphii

    Rats & Mice – Muridae

  128. Bowers’s Rat, Berylmys bowersi
  129. Indomalayan Pencil-tailed Tree-mouse, Chiropodomys gliroides
  130. Long-tailed Giant Rat, Leopoldamys sabanus

    Voles – Cricetidae

    No species seen or no species identified to species level


    Bamboo Rats – Spalacidae

    No species seen or no species identified to species level


    Porcupines – Hystricidae

  132. Asian Porcupine, Hystrix Brachyura
  133. Asian Brush-tailed Porcupine, Atherurus macrourus


    Hares – Leporidae

  135. Siamese Hare, Lepus peguensis


    Whales – Baleanopteridae

  137. Bryde’s whale, Balaenoptera brydei


    Dugongs – Dugongidae

    No species seen or no species identified to species level






    Crocodylidae – Crocodiles

  1. Siamese Crocodile, Crocodylus siamensis

    Gavialidae – Gharials

    No species seen or no species identified to species level



    Geoemydidae – Asian Hardshelled Turtles

  1. Malayan Box Turtle, Cuora amboinensis
  2. Enigmatic Leaf Turtle, Cyclemys enigmatica
  3. Oldham’s Leaf Turtle, Cyclemys oldhamii
  4. Yellow-headed Temple Turtle, Heosemys annandalii
  5. Giant Asian Pond Turtle, Heosemys grandis
  6. Spiny Turtle, Heosemys spinosa
  7. Malayan Flat-shelled Turtle, Notochelys platynota
  8. Malayan Snail-eating Turtle, Malayemys macrocephala
  9. Black Marsh Turtle, Siebenrockiella crassicollis

    Cheloniidae – Sea Turtles

    No species seen or no species identified to species level


    Dermochelyidae – Leatherback Sea Turtles

    No species seen or no species identified to species level


    Platysternidae – Asian Big-headed Turtles

    No species seen or no species identified to species level


    Testudinidae – Land Tortoises

  11. Elongated Tortoise, Indotestudo elongata
  12. Asian Forest Tortoise, Manouria emys phayrei

    Trionychidae – Softshell Turtles

  14. Malayan Softshell Turtle, Dogania subplana
  15. Southeast Asian Softshell turtle, Amyda cartilaginea


    Agamidae – Agamid Lizards

  1. Armored Spiny Lizard, Acanthosaura armata
  2. Orange-crested Spiny Lizard, Acanthosaura aurantiacrista
  3. Bintang Spiny Lizard, Acanthosaura bintangensis
  4. Cardamom Mountains Spiny Lizard, Acanthosaura cardamomensis
  5. Boulenger’s Spiny Lizard, Acanthosaura crucigera
  6. Southern Spiny Lizard, Acanthosaura meridiona
  7. Scale-bellied Spiny Lizard, Acanthosaura lepidogaster
  8. Phuket Spiny Lizard, Acanthosaura phuketensis

    To be continued!


    Varanidae – Monitor Lizards

  10. Duméril’s Monitor Lizard, Varanus dumerilii
  11. Clouded Monitor Lizard, Varanus nebulosus
  12. Roughneck Monitor Lizard, Varanus rudicollis
  13. Water Monitor Lizard, Varanus salvator


    Acrochordidae – Wart Snakes

    No species seen or no species identified to species level


    Typhlopidae – Blind Snakes

  1. Diard’s Blind Snake, Argyrophis diardii
  2. Brahminy Blind Snake, Indotyphlops braminus

    Colubridae – Colubrids

  4. Speckle-headed Vine Snake, Ahaetulla fasciolata
  5. Large-eyed Vine Snake, Ahaetulla mycterizans
  6. Indochinese Long-nosed Vine Snake, Ahaetulla fusca
  7. Oriental Vine Snake, Ahaetulla prasina
  8. Ornate Flying Snake, Chrysopelea ornata
  9. Paradise Flying Snake, Chrysopelea paradisi
  10. Striped Bronzeback, Dendrelaphis caudolineatus
  11. Blue Bronzeback, Dendrelaphis cyanochloris
  12. Beautiful Bronzeback, Dendrelaphis formosus
  13. Haas’s Bronzeback, Dendrelaphis haasi
  14. Kopstein’s Bronzeback, Dendrelaphis kopsteini
  15. Nganson Bronzeback, Dendrelaphis ngansonensis
  16. Sawtooth-necked Bronzeback, Dendrelaphis nigroserratus
  17. Painted Bronzeback, Dendrelaphis pictus
  18. Unidentified Bronzeback, Dendrelaphis sp.
  19. Striated Bronzeback, Dendrelaphis striatus
  20. Mountain Bronzeback, Dendrelaphis subocularis
  21. Vogel’s Bronzeback, Dendrelaphis vogeli
  22. Red Whip Snake, Dryophiops rubescens
  23. Variable Reed Snake, Calamaria lumbricoidea
  24. Brown Reed Snake, Calamaria pavimentata
  25. Pink-headed Reed Snake, Calamaria schlegeli
  26. Dwarf Reed Snake, Pseudorabdion longiceps
  27. Bengkulu Cat Snake, Boiga bengkuluensis
  28. Green Cat Snake, Boiga cyanea
  29. Dog-toothed Cat Snake, Boiga cynodon
  30. Jasper’s Cat Snake, Boiga jaspidea
  31. Mangrove Cat Snake, Boiga melanota
  32. White-spotted Cat Snake, Boiga drapiezii
  33. Many-spotted Cat Snake, Boiga multomaculata
  34. Black-headed Cat Snake, Boiga nigriceps
  35. Thai Cat Snake, Boiga siamensis
  36. Yellow-striped Rat Snake, Coelognathus flavolineatus
  37. Radiated Rat Snake, Coelognathus radiatus
  38. Cave Racer, Elaphe taeniura (subspecies: ridley and helfenbergeri)
  39. Indochinese Ground Snake, Gongylosoma scriptum
  40. Red-tailed Racer, Gonyosoma oxycephalum
  41. Blue-eyed Green Trinket Snake, Gonyosoma coeruleum
  42. Slender Wolf Snake, Lycodon albofuscus
  43. Butler’s Wolf Snake, Lycodon butleri
  44. Common Wolf Snake, Lycodon capucinus
  45. Blanford’s Bridle Snake, Lycodon davisonii
  46. Brown Wolf Snake, Lycodon effraensis
  47. Banded Wolf Snake, Lycodon fasciatus
  48. Gibson’s Wolf Snake, Lycodon gibsonae
  49. Laotian Wolf Snake, Lycodon laoensis
  50. Snake-eater Wolf Snake, Lycodon ophiophagus
  51. Northern Large-toothed Snake, Lycodon septentrionalis
  52. Malayan Bridle Snake, Lycodon subannulatus
  53. White-banded Wolf Snake, Lycodon subcinctus
  54. Barron’s Kukri Snake, Oligodon barroni
  55. Grey Kukri Snake, Oligodon cinereus
  56. Cantor’s Kukri Snake, Oligodon cyclurus
  57. Small-banded Kukri Snake, Oligodon fasciolatus
  58. Hua Hin Kukri Snake, Oligodon huahin
  59. Mouhot’s Kukri Snake, Oligodon mouhoti
  60. Purple Kukri Snake, Oligodon purpurascens
  61. Saiyok Kukri Snake, Oligodon saiyok
  62. Barred Kukri Snake, Oligodon signatus
  63. Striped Kukri Snake, Oligodon taeniatus
  64. Red Bamboo Racer, Oreocryptophis porphyraceus
  65. Keeled Rat Snake, Ptyas carinata
  66. White-bellied Rat Snake, Ptyas fusca
  67. Indian Rat Snake, Ptyas mucosa
  68. Indochinese Rat Snake, Ptyas korros
  69. Buff-striped Keelback, Amphiesma stolatum
  70. Yellow-spotted Keelback, Fowlea flavipunctatus
  71. Checkered Keelback, Fowlea piscator
  72. White-spotted Keelback, Fowlea punctulatus
  73. Boulenger’s Keelback, Hebius boulengeri
  74. Fire-back Keelback, Hebius igneus
  75. Karenland Keelback, Hebius terrakarenorum
  76. Khasi Hills Keelback, Hebius khasiensis
  77. Red Mountain Keelback, Hebius sanguineum
  78. Speckle-bellied Keelback, Rhabdophis chrysargos
  79. Black-banded Keelback, Rhabdophis nigrocinctus
  80. Siamese Red-necked Keelback, Rhabdophis siamensis
  81. Triangled Keelback, Xenochrophis trianguligerus
  82. Assamese Mountain Snake, Plagiopholis nuchalis
  83. Large-eyed False Cobra, Pseudoxenodon macrops
  84. Collared Black-headed Snake, Sibynophis collaris
  85. Triangled Black-headed Snake, Sibynophis triangularis

    Cylindrophiidae – Pipe Snakes

  87. Jodi’s Pipe Snake , Cylindrophis jodiae

    Elapidae – Elapids

  89. Malayan Krait, Bungarus candidus
  90. Banded Krait, Bungarus fasciatus
  91. Red-headed Krait, Bungarus flaviceps
  92. Red River Krait, Bungarus slowinskii
  93. Wanghaoting’s Krait, Bungarus wanghaotingi
  94. Monocled Cobra, Naja kaouthia
  95. Indochinese Spitting Cobra, Naja siamensis
  96. Equatorial Spitting Cobra (golden morph), Naja sumatrana
  97. King Cobra, Ophiophagus hannah
  98. Malayan Blue Coral Snake, Calliophis bivirgatus
  99. Malayan Banded Coral Snake, Calliophis intestinalis
  100. Small-spotted Coral Snake, Calliophis maculiceps
  101. MacClelland’s Coral Snake, Sinomicrurus macclellandi

    Homalopsidae – Indo-Australian Water Snakes

  103. Cantor’s Mud Snake, Cantoria violacea
  104. South Asian Bockadam, Cerberus rynchops
  105. Schneider’s Bockadam, Cerberus schneiderii
  106. Chanard’s Mud Snake, Enhydris chanardi
  107. Rainbow Mud Snake, Enhydris enhydris
  108. Tentacled Snake, Erpeton tentaculatum
  109. Gerard’s Mud Snake, Gerarda prevostiana
  110. Jack’s Water Snake, Homalopsis mereljcoxi
  111. Martaban Water Snake, Homalopsis semizonata
  112. Grey Water Snake, Hypsiscopus plumbea

    Pareidae – Slug Snakes

  114. Blunt-headed Slug Snake, Aplopeltura boa
  115. Smooth Slug Snake, Asthenodipsas laevis
  116. Malayan Slug Snake, Asthenodipsas malaccanus
  117. Keeled Slug-eating Snake, Pareas carinatus
  118. Twin Slug-eating Snake, Pareas geminatus
  119. White-spotted Slug-eating Snake, Pareas margaritophorus
  120. Spotted Slug-eating Snake, Pareas macularius

    Psammophiidae – Sand Snakes

  122. Indochinese Sand Snake, Psammophis indochinensis


  124. Mock Viper, Psammodynastes pulverulentus

    Pythonidae – Pythons

  126. Reticulated Python, Malayopython reticulatus
  127. Burmese Python, Python bivittatus
  128. Brongersma’s Blood Python, Python brongersmai

    Viperidae – Vipers & Pit Vipers

  130. Malayan Pit Viper, Calloselasma rhodostoma
  131. Himalayan Mountain Pit Viper, Ovophis monticola
  132. Omkoi Lance-headed Pit Viper, Protobothrops kelomohy
  133. White-lipped Pit Viper, Trimeresurus albolabris
  134. Gumprecht’s Pit Viper, Trimeresurus gumprechti
  135. Guo’s Pit Viper, Trimeresurus guoi
  136. Hagen’s Pit Viper, Trimeresurus hageni
  137. Kanburi Pit Viper, Trimeresurus kanburiensis
  138. Kui Buri Pit Viper, Trimeresurus kuiburi
  139. Large-eyed Pit Viper, Trimeresurus macrops
  140. Phuket Pit Viper, Trimeresurus phuketensis
  141. Pope’s Pit Viper, Trimeresurus popeiorum
  142. Mangrove Pit Viper, Trimeresurus purpureomaculatus
  143. Siamese Peninsula Pit Viper, Trimeresurus sabahi fucatus
  144. Sumatran Pit Viper, Trimeresurus sumatranus
  145. Beautiful Pit Viper, Trimeresurus venustus
  146. Vogel’s Pit Viper, Trimeresurus vogeli
  147. Wirot’s Pit Viper, Trimeresurus wiroti
  148. Wagler’s Pit Viper, Tropidolaemus wagleri
  149. Siamese Russell’s Viper, Daboia siamensis

    Xenodermatidae – Strange-skinned Snakes

  151. Laotian Bearded Snake, Parafimbrios laos

    Xenopeltidae – Sunbeam Snakes

  153. Sunbeam Snake, Xenopeltis unicolor




Birds of Thailand


  1. Austen’s Brown Hornbill, Anorrhinus austeni
  2. Tickell’s Brown Hornbill, Anorrhinus tickelli
  3. Oriental Pied Hornbill, Anthracoceros albirostris
  4. White-crowned Hornbill, Berenicornis comatus
  5. Great Hornbill, Buceros bicornis
  6. Rhinoceros Hornbill, Buceros rhinoceros
  7. Wrinkled Hornbill, Rhabdotorrhinus corrugatus
  8. Helmeted Hornbill, Rhinoplax vigil
  9. Wreathed Hornbill, Rhyticeros undulatus
  10. To be continued!

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